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Parco Nazionale del Monte Sibilini

The park covers an area 70,000 ha. a portion of the park lies in Umbria, the rest is in the marches.
The mountainous Sibilinipark is extraordinarily beautiful, there are large tracts of high plateau, valleys and beech forests.

Parco Monte Sibilini

It offers an enchanting combination of nature and history. You'll find numerous abbeys and medieval mountain villages, but also a rich and varied nature.

In the park walking trails, great for hiking or mountain biking. In winter you can skiing. The plateau is also a popular place for hang gliders.

wild horses

The park is an ideal habitat for many species. You can find here wolves, wildcats, roe deer, wild boar and wild horses. There are several species of birds in the mountains, as Alpine crows, but also the golden eagle, the peregrine falcon and the hawk

Monte Vettore

Monte Vettore

The Monte Vettore with its 2476 highest mountain in the park and one of the highest of the Apennines. From the top you have a beautiful view of the entire massif.

Piano Grande

The high plains of Castelluccio

The high plains of Castelluccio, enclosed between the peaks of Monte Sibilini, are among the finest and most beloved landscapes Italy. A series of recessed and elevated basins surrounded by mountains of almost 2500 m. High. The most famous plateau Piano Grande is 7 km. long and 3 km. Wide. Here on a blunted hill of 1452 m. you'll find the village of Castelluccio.

Spring on the Piano Grande

Late May bloom here wild tulips and daffodils everywhere, beautiful to see.

Piano Grande Fioritura

In late June, early July Fioritura starts the whole plain is then filled with blooming poppies, daisies, malva, cornflowers. They are a huge carpet with different patterns.


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